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we are a company of one hand and working hard and we worked hard together and got this done. >> a last-minute deal to stop an ac transit strike. >> the bottom line is if you have to catch ac transit to get to work or school tomorrow, you will be able to. >> sandra coke is a good and kind woman. her daughter and family need her. >> a plea for help from the family of that missing oakland woman. >> it's significant enough that we're taking every precaution. >> president obama speaks out about the terror threat that shut down embassies in the muslim world. >> criminal charges have been filed in the deadly attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya. >> musty, dirt-like. >> a nasty taste coming from bay area taps. >> the santa clara valley water
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district says they are battling mother nature now. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. hi, everyone. good morning. it's wednesday, august 7. i'm frank mallicoat. >> good morning. i'm juliette goodrich. michelle is off this morning. it is 6:01. we are following several developing stories as you wake up. oakland police are searching for the suspects who shot and killed a 1-year-old boy and his father. police believe the shooter fired into the house on gormley avenue from the back. we are live at the scene gathering the latest information. >> family and friends of a missing oakland woman will pass out flyers. sandra coke was last seen at her home on sunday night. her dog was abducted and two men demanded ransom. her car and cell phone were found after her disappearance. >> relief for commuters. ac transit buses are running this morning after a last-
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minute deal to prevent a strike. much more on that coming up. first a check on the roads with elizabeth. we are following traffic news happening right now. there was a tree that fell near muni tracks in san francisco. you're looking live right now at the scene. this is at san jose avenue and randall. the tree is cleared but it did fall near some muni lines so while the clean-up is under way some delays continue especially for the j muni line. no word yet on when they will clear the lanes but it's impacting inbound service. the northbound lanes of san jose avenue remain closed while they work to clear it in san francisco's outer mission neighborhood. bay bridge also have some news here some developing news. the metering lights were turned on so this is typical for this time of the morning. they were turned on at 5:58 so we are beginning to see delays building in the middle lanes in the fastrak lanes and the cash lanes have been seeing some delays for a while. that is your latest "timesaver traffic." brian is busy tracking
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drizzle in the weather. >> speaking of delays, they have 1 hour 20-minute delays at sfo on arriving minute flights because of overcast and drizzle. we are starting out this morning with readings mostly in the 50s. 57 in the city. 60 fremont. 60 san jose. satellite and radar showing the low abeam san francisco pulling moisture up over the sierra triggering showers and thundershowers this afternoon. that's in the sierra. for us, we just stay unseasonably cool with the readings mostly today in the 70s inland and that's as much as 13 degrees below average. santa rosa at 83, today just 70. san francisco today 62. concord 74. and in livermore 77. take heart, though. we have a warming trend on the way. we'll have details. first lots happened overnight. back to you. this morning the search intensifies for a san diego county murder suspect as well as a teenage girl and her younger brother. 40-year-old james dimaggio is suspected in killing the
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children's mother, christina anderson. she was found dead in the burned rubble of his home sunday evening. now, a child's body was also found inside his home. it's unidentified but it could be anderson's 8-year-old son ethan. he and his 16-year-old sis stare hannah are missing. their father had this message for his daughter. >> hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run. you'll be found. >> brett anderson also urged dimaggio to turn himself in. investigators say dimaggio and christina anderson had a close platonic relationship. they say the children called dimaggio uncle jim. now, dimaggio is believed to be driving a blue nissan versa like this one with a california license plate 6wcu986. police say he may be headed to canada or perhaps texas. family members and police will search east bay
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neighborhoods looking for a missing federal investigator. sandra coke was last seen at her oakland home on sunday night and since then, her car was found two miles away. a cell phone was found in emeryville while another cell phone was traced to richmond. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live in richmond where one of those phones was found. anne. >> reporter: yeah. this is at macdonald and wilson here in richmond. one of her cell phones was found here right by the highway. you can see i-80 there behind me so there's some question about whether or not somebody might have thrown it out of a car window while they were driving on i-80. now, here is her picture. sandra coke is 50 years old, 5'6", 150 pounds. she has been missing since sunday. she is an investigator for the federal public defender's office in sacramento specializing in death penalty cases. now, the question this morning, is her disappearance connected to her job or to her dog? her cocker spaniel ginny was stolen during a home burglary
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in may. two men asked for $1,000 ransom for the dog. sandra coke's sister theorizes she may have gone to meet with one of them and that may have something to do with her disappearance. >> she needs to come home. if there's anybody out there who knows about her or who has her, please, let her go. call the police. let her be in touch with us. >> reporter: here is the trail of clues in the missing persons case. sandra coke last seen sunday night at her home on aileen street in oakland. her car found by police tuesday night about 2 miles away on 32nd street. her work cell phone was found in emeryville and her personal cell right here in richmond. she is the mother of a teenaged daughter. family members say this is extremely out of character for her to be missing. so they are obviously very worried. back to you. >> thank you, anne makovec. it is 6:06. you can ride ac transit buses this morning. a threatened strike was averted at the last hour last night.
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the union for the bus operators and mechanics says it has a tentative agreement with management. they are not releasing details but it's a three-year deal. it includes a 9.5% raise and concessions on healthcare. the workers will pay increasing amounts for their coverage over the three years. >> medical payments and we never had a problem with paying our share of the medical payments. so we've agreed to that also. >> i'm very grateful that the negotiations with both sides were done in a professional, respectful and courteous way. >> 1600 union members will vote on the proposed contract later this month. as for bart, tomorrow morning both sides management and the unionings will make their case to the independent panel investigating the negotiations. the board of inquiry will report its findings to the governor who could order a 60- day cooling-off period before there is another strike. stay with kpix 5 for all the latest developments in the bart
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negotiations right up to and through next sunday's deadline and you can also find information anytime at power is back on for about 37,000 people in san francisco. according to pg&e, the power went out just before midnight last night. the sunset, soma and chinatown areas were in the dark for an hour. pg&e believed an equipment failure at the substation caused the outage. this just in. the biggest airport in east africa is open again for domestic and cargo flights after the huge fire destroyed the arrivals hall earlier today. you can see the dark smoke in the air and flames for hours. all flights to nairobi and kenya were rerouted or canceled. there are no immediate signs of terrorism but today marks 15 years since the deadly embassy bombing in nairobi and tanzania. yemen says it has prevented an al qaeda plot that would
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have blown up oil pipelines in the country. it's the kilocasion for the latest terror threat that prompted the united states to shut down embassies and consulates in the past week. president obama address the ongoing threat last night on nbc's tonight show saying the u.s. has to stay on top of the radical violent extremism in that part of the world. and the first criminal charges have been filed in the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. the sealed complaint details charges against an unspecified number of suspects. they include a man identified as the head of the libyan militia. the attack last september killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. new this morning, the ohio house where three women were held captive for about a decade has been torn down. one of the survivors michelle knight was on hand to see the
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demolition begin. she made a brief statement and helped release yellow balloons. onlookers applauds as crews started tearing down the house. and we have a live look at what the house looks like now. it took less than two hours to demolish the home. ariel castro was sentenced last week to life in prison plus 1,000 years. google blurred out the street view and satellite image of the house before crews started knocking it down. they say it's sliding because they are sliding below the eye level of the door. >> well, your eyes are on the pump, thieves could be getting your stuff. you will see just how fast these sliders pull it off. >> i say what i mean and i mean what i say. >> she called out a customer over crumbs. how one restaurant owner says her facebook post came back to bite her. >> and a cardboard cop. the new way to fight crime may be how well this money saving strategy is work.
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>> texas sizzlings, we've gotdary . the forecast got drizzle. the forecast coming up. >> a lot more brake lights through the altamont pass, livermore your longest travel times coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. just canceled plans to meeth russian president vladamir n next month. the white house says this is in response to russia's decision to grant temporary asylum to the n-s leaker president obama just canceled plans to meet with russian president vladimir putin next month in response to russia's decision to grant temporary asylum to edward snowden. it also signals the obama administration's frustration with moscow over key issues including missile defense and human rights. the president will still attend
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the g20 economic summit in st. petersburg. new this morning, san francisco is getting help from across the pond now to crackdown on smartphone thefts. london mayor boris johnson is expected to serve as an international representative for the secure our smartphones initiative. san francisco d.a. george gascon is expected to make the announcement today. london's mayor joining gascon and new york's attorney general in calling for a kill switch on smartphones purse thieves are targeting women gassing up in houston. surveillance video shows a woman filling up her suv. while the woman focuses on the pump, the thief opens the passenger door and grabs her purse. this crime happened in just 19 seconds. look closely. this isn't a real cop. the boston police hope this cardboard cutout is enough to make people do a double-take. they place the figure near a bike rack to discourage would
6:16 am
be thieves. so far it actually seems to be working. keeping a full-time officer there would be $200,000. >> make someone think about it before they do it. how about traffic on this hump day? >> well, we have some tree clean-up going on in san francisco. and it is impacting muni service. the latest is the n, j and if lines. they are all being impacted right now. so you're looking live at the intersection of san jose avenue and randall. that tree full on the light rail tracks earlier in the morning so it looks like the tree has been cleaned up. obviously, the clean-up continues. they are also working on some power lines in the area, as well. so bus shuttles are supplementing service. but the northbound j train is switching back at church and day that was a tweet just sent out by muni and again the n and the f lines are also impacted by that this morning. all right. let's go live towards the bay bridge.
6:17 am
the metering lights were just turned on around 6:00 just a little before. and so now we're starting to see stacking up towards the overcrossings, probably about 15 or 20 minutes to get you on to the bay bridge. but from our incline shot it looks okay once you get past the metering lights. things are quiet up towards treasure island. now let's check the nimitz. 880 in oakland, this is close to the oakland coliseum. taillights, this is the commute direction. probably by 8:00 when we start to see that usual bottleneck near the oakland airport but for right now, both directions look good so if you have a flight to catch over by oakland airport, no big delays down towards hayward. that's a check of your latest "timesaver traffic." so brian, is this like windshield wiper weather? >> there is some drizzle out there for sure and it's going to evaporate in the face of the sun. we are now about 90 seconds away from sunrise. every day orbit brings us
6:18 am
15,000 miles closer to the sun. i bet we'll see the gleaming sun shortly. in the meantime not much of it close to the shoreline and even inland and the bay, we have a cloudy start, afternoon clearing. but some changes coming in this weekend. that low off here since i think 1976, continues to spin abeam san francisco it seems like forever. that low is finally going to move inland. as it does this southerly flow is cool bringing in some showers to the sierra with thunderstorms a possibility out there for yosemite. sacramento is at 83. fresno 88. monterey has some drizzle and 65 degrees. bay area we're 10 degrees below average on average around the bay area. 73 in san jose today t out in the east bay 76 degrees. 76 livermore. 72 in napa. 69 at vallejo. how about the north bay today? we'll have sunshine by 11:00 in the morning at petaluma 71 degrees, 67 for mill valley. in the city today, 62 degrees and oakland's got 65. so we continue cool but in the
6:19 am
extended forecast, we are going to be looking for numbers to begin to warm up friday, saturday and sunday. in fact, by the time we get to tuesday, we'll be in the near 90-degree range. we are almost there on sunrise. you can barely see it. >> breaking news. >> there's your headline. [ laughter ] in healthwatch, a sleepless night makes us more likely to reach for high calorie junk food according to researchers over at uc-berkeley who have examined the regions of the brain that control food choices. the study followed 23 healthy young adults after a normal night's sleep and a sleepless night. they found that junk food was a lot more desirable than healthy food when the participants were sleep deprived. a coffee shop owner in washington state was a target on facebook after she kicked out messy kids and their mothers. she called them out on her cafe facebook page with her photo. i'd like to thank our customers
6:20 am
with small children for not making a mess, she wrote. a couple of ladies came in today and this is the mess their children made. now, one of the mothers shared that photo online. well, as you might imagine, that sparked a big debate on facebook. some cheered for the mothers and blasted the cafe owner. others support the owner saying she had the right to make the rules in he business. the photo was lead to by the owner. >> someone on facebook threatened to drag me behind their truck or picket the business. >> she tried to turn the negative to a positive by donating a scone. she raised $10 4 for kids back to school supplies. >> there you go. going for pin perfection. the freak error that sabotaged this bowler's perfect game coming up. >> and we're just one day away from 49er football. the defending nfc champs play the broncos thursday at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. ,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. in 31 years in broadcasting, i have never led a sportscast with the nba schedule. then again, the warriors have never played 17 nationally televised games which they will next season including a christmas day game against the clippers. as playing their first-ever game at the great american ballpark. no score second inning. jay bruce ripped the straley fastball to the opposite field just enough legs to get out. 1-0 reds. straley allows two runs in just four innings. yoenis cespedes bases loaded in the 5th inning, base hit would have tied the game, but he grounds out to end the inning. the as lose 3-1. their lead in
6:25 am
the west is down to one game because texas won last night. giants hosting the brew crew. matt cain on the hill getting no support. he has been lights out since the all-star break but lack of run support has always been a problem for him and it continues last night. carlos gomez gone. his 18th of the year. cain 7 innings, giving up two earned runs but the giants lose 3-1. tony stewart was racing the light sprint cars in iowa. he hit a fellow driver flipped through the air multiple times before landing on the tires and he broke a leg. he is going to miss his first sprint cup race that he entered since 1998. stick to your day job, especially if you're good at it! frank? see you tonight, everybody. >> thank you. play of the day, we have some baseball for you and a terrific catch. you play third base they call it the hot corner. i'm going to tell you what new york mets ike davis at first base -- at any rate they are
6:26 am
both hot spots. ike davis with a great grab there at first, that's our play of the day. the mets won at home 3-2 over the rockies, by the way. looking for perfection. 300. oh, my god! >> oh, no. >> holy cow, did you see that?! >> did you see that? yes, we did. a bowler in houston nearly bold a perfect game until this unfortunate incident. troy walker was on his way to scoring a 300 but on his final frame, he was going tore strike number 12 when the pin setter blocked his strike. troy did get a do-over and he missed. his final score 297. >> it tastes like lake water. >> it's not good. smelly murky water coming out of thousands of bay area faucets. what's leaving a bad taste, and is it safe to drink?
6:27 am
>> the allegations getting worse for san diego's disgraced mayor. how a marine claims he used her as a bargaining chip. >> a baby and father shot and killed. the search for suspects now in oakland. coming up ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a family in tears after a deadly shooting. the search for the suspects who killed a baby and his father inside an oakland home. >> another transit strike dodged at the last minute. how ac transit and its unions came to a compromise. >> and we're seeing that sun from 94 million miles away. if only we could see it from
6:31 am
downtown. it will take a while. stay tuned for the weather. >> and for the first time this workweek, we're not calling the bay bridge toll plaza hotspot, just your usual delays. how far it's backed up, we'll let you know coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, august 7. i'm juliette goodrich. michelle is off. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31. we are following some developing news over in the east bay at this hour. a 1-year-old baby boy and his father were shot and killed in their home. it happened a little more than 3 hours ago on gormley avenue near 98th avenue. police a suspect went to the back of the house and fired multiple shots into the victim's bedroom window. those bullets struck the 1-year- old boy and his father. police say the father died at the scene and the child died at the hospital. police have not yet released the identities. there are no suspects and no description. federal appeals court may shift some of the blame for the shooting death of oscar grant at oakland's fruitvale bart
6:32 am
station. the former bart police officer was convicted of involuntary manslaughter back in 2009. but the "san francisco chronicle" reports the officer's supervisor and bart may also be to blame. this is related to a damage suit filed by grant's father and four of his friends. a wrongful death claim is being filed today after a tree fell on a woman and killed her up in the sierra foothills. 21-year-old anias rittenberg died last month when the tree fell at camp tawonga near yosemite. she was a camp counselor and student at uc-santa cruz. ac transit buses are picking up passengers in the east bay this morning after a strike was diverted at the last hour. a tentative deal was made about an hour before the midnight strike deadline last night. it includes a 9.5% raise and it has employees paying part of their healthcare costs. it is a three-year deal.
6:33 am
>> it's been a hard negotiations period. we have been in negotiations for over five months. at times, it seemed that, you know, we weren't going to be able to get an agreement. >> we are a couple one hand and we are a company that's working hard and we worked hard together. and we got this done. >> workers were vote later this month on whether to ratify the contract. as for bart, this morning, management and the unions will make their cases to the independent panel investigating the negotiations. the board of inquiry will report its findings to governor brown by sunday. the governor could order a 60- day cooling-off period before there is another strike. and stay with kpix 5 for the latest developments in the bart negotiations right up to and through next sunday's deadline. you can also find information anytime at two republican lawmakers from the central valley want state auditors to look at the process being used to buy 356 pieces of land for the high-
6:34 am
speed rail project. they want state officials to check the appraisal process and the role of private contractors in the land purchases for the $68 billion project. the rail authority says they are following standard land acquisition processes used by the state transportation department. let's check traffic and weather. lawrence is off. brian is i. >> today and tomorrow cool but numbers getting back into the 80s inland on the weekend. we are 10 to 15 degrees cooler than average for this time of year but first outside let's verify the fact that the sun is up. you can see it if you are above the cloud layer. many of us aren't. in fact, that includes san francisco. you see at the bay bridge right now plenty of low clouds out there. numbers begin mostly in the 50s for the bay area. 58 at concord. 57 at oakland. and 60 at livermore. san jose at 60. still, we're running warmer in
6:35 am
the early going than yesterday. san jose 73. milpitas 71. 79 morgan hill. antioch, 10 degrees below average. 79 today the forecast high. pleasanton will be, 76. san francisco 62. hayward will hit 67. there's weather. here's traffic with liz. >> thank you. muni is getting back on schedule. if you are watching us earlier we are following some breaking news. large tree fell on the light rail tracks at san jose avenue and randall causing delays earlier for the j, n and f lines but again we have been following some tweets from muni and right now everything is back on track. bart systemwide on time no issues this morning. ac transit no strikes. the bus service is normal this morning with no delay. caltrain trying to resolve some problems. possibly 15-minute delays on flights. earlier crash northbound 37
6:36 am
brake lights through the castro valley y. outside a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on for 35 minutes. and the usual delays backed up toward the west grand overcrossing. 15 to 20 minutes to get on the bridge. that's it. back to you. the man accused in the fort hood shooting told the jury the evidence will show he is the shooter. nadal hasan is accused of killing 13 people. the 2009 shooting in fort hood. acting as his own attorney, he called himself a soldier who switched sides in what he describes as a war between america and islam. a maryland military judge reduced the maximum sentence for bradley manning. he now faces up to 90 years in jail instead of 136. his sentencing hearing is set to resume this morning. last we manning was convicted
6:37 am
of leaking classified documents to the website wikileaks. an iraq war veteran is the 11th woman to come forward and accuse san diego's mayor of sexual harassment. katherine raggazino was injured in the iraq war and says she and her nurse met with san diego mayor bob filner to ask for his help dealing with the va. she said the mayor seemed to be willing to help for a price. >> mayor filner wanted miss tyler to help him fulfill his sexual needs if she wanted his help for a deserving war veteran. that is not only disgusting, but a complete abuse of power. >> the mayor started intensive counseling this week to address his behavior but so far, he is refusing to resign. and checking bay area news, san jose city council members meet this afternoon to talk about new regulations for adult themed gentleman's clubs. the issue came up recently when
6:38 am
the gold club made plans to open in the historic san jose building and loan association location. san francisco sculptor ruth asawa has died. asawa was born in southern california and as a child was sent to a japanese camp during world war ii. she died at home of natural causes. asawa was in the news recently when san francisco rejected an apple store that that threatened one of first works at union square. she was 87. a federal investigator is missing this morning. coming up, we'll take a look at the trail of clues in her disappearance and how it might be related to a dognapping. >> plus, oscar winner dustin hoffman's admission about his health scare. >> and a driver barrels his rental car into a gas station and survives. you wouldn't believe what he did after the crash. >> the market just opened. let's check the early numbers.
6:39 am
pointing down now, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks with the latest. ,,,,
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sleep train's interest-free for 3 event ends sunday! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ sandra coke was last seen ar home sunday night. her car and two cell phones were fod following the latest developments in the disappearance of an oakland woman. sandra coke was last seen at her home on sunday night. her car and two cell phones were found in three different locations yesterday. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live in richmond now where one of the phones was traced. anne. >> reporter: one of two cell phones found here and this is at macdonald and wilson in richmond. i-80 is right there behind me, so there's some question about whether or not somebody might have thrown the phone out of the window off of the highway. here is her picture. sandra coke, 50 years old.
6:43 am
she is 5'6", 150 pounds. an investigator for the federal public defender's office in sacramento specializing in death penalty cases. now, the question this morning, is her disappearance connected to her job or her dog? her cocker spaniel was stolen during a home burglary in may and two men asked for $1,000 ransom for the dog. those guys ended up in jail but one of them recently got out of jail. >> would be she was trying to meet with one of these -- is it possible she was trying to meet with one of these dogs to try to get her dog back? >> that's what we surmise but we really don't know. >> reporter: sandra coke was last seen sunday night at her home on aileen street in oakland. her car was found two miles away on 32nd. her work cell phone was found in emeryville and her personal cell here in richmond. she is the mother of a teenage daughter. family members say it's very out of character for her to go missing so they are obviously
6:44 am
very worried about her this morning. anne makovec, kpix 5. 6:43. president george w. bush is expected to go home a day after he went home after a heart procedure. a blockage was found during his physical on monday so yesterday doctors inserted a stent. mr. bush is said to be in high spirits and is expected to get back to his normal schedule tomorrow. and doctors have successfully treated actor dustin hoffman for cancer. his representative tells "people" magazine, hoffman is now in good health. hoffman is 75, still needs to undergo preventative treatment. no word on what type of cancer he had. about 300 tons of contaminated water is leaking into the pacific ocean every day. a japanese government official telling reuters today the tainted water is coming from the crippled fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant. three reactors melted down in march of 2011 after a massive earthquake and tsunami destroyed power and its cooling system there. some people in the bay area
6:45 am
are getting something nasty from their water taps. we're in the smell and taste season for some south bay water customers. from august until october, a combination of summer heat and low water levels at the san joaquin delta means increased algae in some of the reservoirs in the south bay. water officials say it is safe to drink but the taste, well, that might be a problem. >> earthy, musty, tastes a little dirt-like. >> it tastes a little like lake water. >> reporter: it does taste a little like there's dirt in it, almost. >> santa clara valley water district says they are having the most severe cases of algae in some five years. well, watches could be the next big thing from the top cell phone makers and here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: everybody has a smartphone these days. a lot of people have tablets. so the next place that most of the companies seem to be going is with some sort of wearable device like a watch. we have heard reports that apple is going to be doing
6:46 am
this, google has been working on it now samsung is also working on some sort of wearable device. it filed a patent with the u.s. patent office calling for galaxy gear from samsung. it can be worn as a watch or a wristband or a bangle. clearly the manufacturers are looking for new ways to make profit off of consumers out there who already have some sort of other device they use. freddie mac had a solid 2nd quarter. it made a profit of $5 billion nearly doubling what it did a year ago. now that is going back to the feds. it will pay a one-time dividend to the government of $4.4 billion. if you recall during the financial crisis, fredty mac and fanny made -- freddie mac and fannie mae got $150 billion combined. they paid back $36 billion thanks to the housing market. stock market falling on concern that the federal reserve will taper bond purchases next month. right now the dow dropping 45
6:47 am
points. nasdaq down 3. s&p down 4. frank and juliette, back to you. >> all right. jason brooks, thank you. the united states justice department has filed a civil lawsuit against bank of america. it claims the megabank defrauded its investors on $850 million worth of mortgage- backed securities. the government filed the suit in the federal court in charlotte, north carolina. also, a major logo makeover for yahoo starts today. online visitors will see a different logo option on the front page for the next 30 days. this is the latest attempt to make the sunnyvale company relevant and cool again. the font is up in the air. its trademark exclamation mark stays. the final design will be unveiled september 4. >> i like it. >> oh, yahoo! it's 13 minutes before 7:00. and time for a look at the weather. >> beautiful sunrise. >> yeah. it was gorgeous today. if you can see it. you know, you have to be up on top of mount vaca but boy, if
6:48 am
you were up there i'm sure it was beautiful. >> love for that to spread closer to the shoreline. going to have to compose on you souls in patience because it will get here. just have to wait a little while. this morning in the headlines we're looking for numbers to be cool again. we get drizzle this morning. reporting light rain at oakland at 6:00 this morning and at 5:00 and we'll still get afternoon clearing and stay cool to mild. there's some changes finally this weekend. low pressure that's spinning off the shoreline is bringing us the drizzle and that will be with us for the next hour or so and then we'll begin to clear it up starting inland and back toward the shoreline. this low is bringing the potential for rain into the sierra with thunderstorms. if you have friends out there at yosemite they might see it this afternoon. out of the bay area, or if you are expecting people to come in, heading out, there's an hour and 20-minute delay on arrivals this morning because
6:49 am
of the low overcast and fog. 104 in houston. thunderstorms, denver and new york. numbers here are cool. 67 on the namesake of the hayward fault. 61 pacifica. half moon bay 63. and out in the east bay, 10 degrees below normal with only 75 degrees at fairfield and 77 at livermore. pleasanton today 76 degrees. up in the north bay, temperatures in the low 70s. not bad. mill valley only 67. in the look ahead after another couple of cool days, finally we begin to apply the burner to the bay area and begin to warm us up friday, saturday and sunday. the numbers will climb inland. and by tuesday, the numbers once again will nudge 90 degrees inland. temperatures around the bay are mild. we get clouds at the shoreline. that's summertime in the bay area. as for traffic on the roads, here's elizabeth. we can't talk about a hotspot in traffic. yeah, there's really nothing big going on to really slow you
6:50 am
down. so we show you where traffic is actually lighter than normal. it's the commute through the altamont pass and livermore catching a break if you drive this every morning. 22 minutes from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. also, mass transit starting to get back on schedule. bart systemwide on time. they should have about 60 trains all running on schedule. muni had some earlier delays on the j, n and f lines. there was a fallen tree on san jose avenue in san francisco. the tree has been cleared. so that issue is no longer there. caltrain back on track as well after some earlier signal issues. and ac transit not on strike this morning. so no delay for those buses out in the east bay. if you are coming down the eastshore freeway, this is what it looks like in berkeley. this is near the ashby avenue exit. westbound 80 quiet with brake lights towards the macarthur maze. no issues. here's a live look -- look at the fog brian may have
6:51 am
mentioned some of this, see it along 101 coming into san francisco. coming up a last check of the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you guys. >> thank you. 6:51. a surveillance camera caught this video of a car crashing then flipping into a gas station in ohio. the car careened into the gas station hitting the pylons meant to protect the pumps before settling on a bus bench. then a driver gets out of a vehicle to hail a cab. no one was hurt. you can expect plenty of traffic in the city this weekend here in san francisco. there's going to be of course the america's cup racing on the bay. sponsors at the pavilion and the outside lands music festival at the golden gate park and the giants home, as well. the city hopes people will use public transportation if they can. leave your car at home. buses will run every five minutes from the civic center bark station to golden gate park for the concert to at&t for the giants, and extra officers will direct traffic at busier intersections in the
6:52 am
city. the golden gate larkspur ferry wants more people to give them a try. ride the ferry so it's offering free rides during off-peak hours this month. anyone can get on a boat from the ferry building in san francisco. head to marin and larkspur landing. across the bay you can pick up your free return ticket from any of the country mart stores over there. so what would you do with nearly a half billion dollars? >> what would do you? people in the bay area hope they will soon have to figure that out. cavanaugh liquors in san lorenzo is considered lucky because of the lotto players it's made rich in the past. people lined up last night to buy tickets for the powerball game. >> i'd like to go to a place that has more [ indiscernible ] i may be the next one. who knows. >> the $425 million jackpot is the fourth largest ever. the chances of matching all five numbers plus the powerball number is one in 175 million.
6:53 am
6:52 now. a cleveland house of horrors reduced to rubble. the surprise appearance at this morning's emotional demolition, coming your way. >> reporter: and we're live in oakland where a family is grieving the loss of a 1-year- old baby boy and his father after they were shot and killed in their home. we'll have details in a live report. ♪
6:54 am
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6:56 am
welcome back to kpix 5. i'm cate caugiran. we're standing outside of oakland's police department waiting for an update regarding a shooting that happened in eases oakland at 2:-- in east oakland at 2:46 this morning.
6:57 am
a suspect went to the back of the home on bromley avenue and suspects fired into the victim's bedroom window. the shots struck a 1-year-old boy and his father. police say the father died at the scene and the little boy died at the hospital. police have not yet released their identities. right now, there is no suspect in custody. and we still don't have a suspect description but again, we are waiting for an update from oakland police. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. 6:57. ac transit buses are running in the east bay this morning. a threatened strike was averted about an hour before the midnight strike deadline last night. the tentative contract includes a 9.5% raise and has employees paying part of their healthcare costs. it's a three-year deal. >> and that ohio home that came to be known as the house of horrors is now just a pile of rubble. there it is. that's what's left of ariel castro's home and it looks like right now a live view a few hours ago crews demolished the house that held three women captive there for a decade and
6:58 am
will spend the rest of his life in jail. one of survivors was there to see that house come down. the bay bridge toll plaza, we are just getting word of a stall. it's blocking one of the lanes approaching the pay gates. right now it's backed up towards the overcrossing. maybe approaching the foot of the made. but this morning's commute is not the horrible one we have been having at the bay bridge. monday a truck fire, tuesday a lumber truck that stalled in lanes. so this is just your usual wait for the most part getting into san francisco. and over to the san mateo bridge now where things are flowing great no delay in either direction of west or eastbound 92. and checking your drive times westbound 58021 minutes now between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. that's your latest traffic. here's brian. every day this year we get 15,000 miles closer to the sun. you would think it would burn this stuff off sooner but it's not. 58 degrees at concord right now. over cast skies baywide. we'll look at that for the next couple of hours but then we'll look at numbers about the same
6:59 am
as yesterday. 76 in fairfield. 77 at livermore. san jose today 73. and 62 in the city. look ahead calls for things to begin to warm up by the end of the week. >> thank you. this is something i would do. >> really? >> an american tourist may be facing a fine after he damaged a 600-year-old statue in italy. here's the statue. the tourist was holding his stand again the statue's palm when a finger snapped off. there is a sign in the florence museum that says do not touch. the finger that snapped off is actually a plaster replacement for the original marble one. >> i think ever since the high five came in vogue, can you imagine, hey, look at this shot. oh, no. >> not good. all right. thanks for watching kpix 5 this morning. your next local update will be at 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is coming up next with charlie and the gang. in the meantime, enjoy your wednesday. we'll see you again at noon and again tomorrow morning bright and early. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, august 7th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." word from president obama he is canceling his meeting with president putin over russia's decision to grant asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. plus, a new suspected american drone strike on al qaeda. the surprising heart procedure for former president george w. bush. the chef leading michelle obama's fight against childhood obesity. finally good news. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. this radical violent extremism is still out there. >> president obama warns the

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